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fullerton termite control

Don’t delay in treating termites and schedule a regular inspection to protect your property from termite damage.

There are several various types of harmful termites found within Fullerton, California. The type of termite should establish what type of risk is posed to your home which we can help you determine in order to treat the issue appropriately.


Should you think you have a termite situation (or have evidence to prove they are there) then you need to call our Fullerton termite control pros at (714) 702-1919 today!


Fullerton Termite Control & Removal


Common varieties of termites located in and around Fullerton include:


  • Drywood Termites
  • Formosan Termites
  • Subterranean Termites


How to Detect Fullerton Termites


It’s not uncommon for people to initially discover they have termites by noticing the fecal matter left behind by the termites. Termite waste materials is distinguishable by its shape that is small, thin and rounded lines or strips.


If you notice this type of feces in your house, specifically close to your food, then you most likely have a termite situation. Yet another method for locating termites is via the kick out holes or mud tunnels they’re notorious for making.


If you see saw dust around your wooden building or you unearth any mud tubes then you should contact our Fullerton termite control specialists right away. If you think it’s likely you have a termite situation in your business or home you really should phone us right away to schedule a no-hassle termite inspection. The termites on your property could be creating severe destruction of the structure of your home.


Save Time & Money By Calling Our Fullerton Termite Specialists


Sufficient termite extermination is best left to the pros. Even though pest issues can be remedied by way of DIY techniques, termites are certainly not one of those particular challenges. Do you have concerns about termites? We can easily help with that also. Just call (714) 702-1919 and find out more information about our termite eradication treatments and the course of action we implement to establish total happiness for our consumers.